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guiding you to art that speaks your language​

Amalia is a designer and art consultant. She connects art with people by working with emerging and established artists and collectors. Amalia is uniquely poised between art, design, and a wild imagination. This enables Amalia to reimagine how we look and think about art, as you don’t really know what you like until you learn everything out there.

Amalia adopts a design-led approach to collecting and curating art. She specialises in sharing knowledge and shaping personal and distinctive collections. Closely collaborating, Amalia will assist you in developing a thoughtful selection. This begins with understanding your space, refining your taste, and educating and informing you.

Amalia is based in Melbourne and has a bachelor's degree in visual arts, art history and theory and a master's degree in design. She works as an in-house art consultant across states for HAKE, House of Art, located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, as art has no boundaries.

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