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'Drunk Tank Pink' 

Group exhibition at HAKE House of Art
February 2023

HAKE invites you to surrender yourself into a state of tranquility. Through a labyrinth of ambiance, Drunk Tank Pink will strangely and beautifully paint all your senses. 
The exhibition focuses on the effects of Drunk Tank Pink - a shade of pink - on human behavior. Inspired by scientific discoveries on the tranquilizing impact on the brain, exposure to this colour has calmed violent prisoners. Colour can seduce us in ways beyond our control. It's something shaped by the conscious and unconscious physical and psychological reactions we spontaneously and unpredictably associate with colour. Effects of color have two impacts, emotional and physical. Exploring how we respond to this goes beyond our senses and is a deeply personal experience. 
This group show brings together ten artists who are calling upon introspection. They will show how Drunk Tank Pink visually connects to the boundless possibilities triggered by the human mind and body. When the urge for portrayal diminishes, the imagination takes over, and things get more exciting and intriguing.  
Drunk Tank Pink is a place that will suspend, enchant, and seduce you. Your spirit will relinquish itself to it. It's a bewildering sensation, an instant connection to a spiritual dimension, and an extraordinary meditation on how art serves the soul.

Crude Heath Nock 2023.jpg

Crude by Heath Nock, 2023

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