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together we can see the world as strangers

Amalia’s practice is about unlocking access to the art world. It's about welcoming you into the art world. Art should be accessible to the many, not the few. Art does not need to be understood. It’s about experiencing art and letting art do something to you. Amalia will guide you to understand what you like and why.


Working with artists, galleries, and clients to offer tailored services, Amalia will;

  • Spend time with you to understand your creative vision

  • Develop a strategy based on your creative objectives

  • Empower you to feel confident in your decisions on art 

  • Coordinate commissioned artworks and art for bespoke spaces

  • Provide recommendations based on your space, brief, and budget

  • Educate and advise on global trends

  • Curate art and create concepts for spaces

  • Introduce you to a universe of emerging and established art

Want to collaborate? Say hello 

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