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Time Will Tell

Ash Holmes solo exhibition

Studio Gallery Group in Brisbane, April 2023

Ash Holmes's solo exhibition, 'Time Will Tell' takes a deep dive into her artistic practice, exploring her creative process, inspirations, and various perspectives on time. This exhibition marks a decade of Ash's art in the public eye, showcasing the power of art to transcend time and space.


From the fleeting moments that make up our daily lives to the complexities of nostalgia, time exists in the intersection between reflection and trust in the future. Timelines coexist, infinitely running in and out of each other, reminding us that nothing lasts forever and the future is unpredictable.


Playing with the past and future and the correlation of existing elements, 'Time Will Tell' is a stepping stone where Ash can pause and reflect on her journey. Her new collection features nostalgic and iconic scenes from the studio and memory, bursting with soft colours and vitality, inviting viewers to immerse themselves into a realm of charm and wonder.


The exhibition presents a selection of original works created in a brand-new studio, painted on a 20-metre-long canvas. Cut into 14 pieces, each section represents a specific moment in time, with intricate details that connect to the past and delve into the imagination of life in a different era. The most emblematic piece is '1974 Leather and Chrome,' an ode to her vintage Mercedes Benz, with a fresh and modern stylistic approach.


'Stars and a clear path' represents a dream future of time everywhere, floating above a colourful, fusion world, symbolizing different life paths' unique rhythms and trajectories. Ash's practice is rooted in the curiosity of discovering and unravelling new meanings, inspired by infinite layers peeled back, and this exhibition is a testament to her contemporary vision.


Ash's works capture the beauty and coziness of home surroundings, infused with hope, reflection, and a touch of nostalgia. This exhibition showcases the power of storytelling to describe self-exploration through experiences, capturing glimpses of life and meaning.


The conceptual and aesthetic approach to time continuously evolves, incorporating past energy and embracing an unknown future. Ash's practice veers to venture through a chronological path, but on the wonder of never genuinely understanding anything, making 'Time Will Tell' a must-see exhibition.

Stars and a clear Path Ash Holmes 2023.PNG

Stars and a clear path by Ash Holmes, 2023

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